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Black Professionals Europe

Our journey began in 2016 with Edinburgh Black Professionals, a networking platform supporting Black professionals. We’ve since expanded to become Black Professionals Scotland, spanning the entire country with thousands of members boasting expertise in Tech, Finance, Art, and more. Furthermore, we have also fostered partnerships with businesses and organisations across Scotland. 

Today, we proudly extend our reach to the rest of Europe as Black Professionals Europe driven by our commitment to addressing the unique obstacles faced by Black professionals on the continent and creating a safe space for our members to share their experiences, seek support and connect. In the background, we are growing our membership across Europe and working toward an early 2024 launch. We are truly excited about what is coming and invite you to come on the journey with us.   

Information for Members

Discover a community that understands your unique journey as a Black student or professional in Europe.

Information for Partners

We are committed to fostering meaningful partnerships that drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in the professional setting.






    *Are you a first-generation immigrant?

    *Which Best Describes Your Current Status?

    *If You Were Not Born In Europe, Which Country Did You Migrate From?

    *Do You Reside In Mainland Europe?

    *What Country Do You Mainly Reside In Within Europe?

    *Select Your Current/Preferred Industry?

    *What is your area of expertise?

    *What is your nearest city?

    *How would you best describe your ethnicity?

    *Which is your gender?

    *How Would You Best Describe Your Sexuality?

    *What year were you born?