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Partnership with Black Professionals Europe

We are committed to fostering meaningful partnerships that drive diversity, equity, and inclusion in the professional setting. As our partner, you contribute to a stronger and more inclusive community and gain access to a range of exclusive benefits that contribute to your success stories.

Access to Diverse Talent Pool

Our partners gain exclusive access to a diverse talent pool through our job board, internship and skilled placement programs. Connect with exceptional Black professionals to enhance your workforce.

Organisation Representation

Our partners are displayed and well-represented on our platform as diverse and inclusive organisations, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to diversity and social responsibility.

Increased Visibility and Brand Awareness

Our partnership increases your brand visibility and reach through our extensive network. Gain exposure through our website, social media, and events to amplify your brand's reach.

Collaborative Events & Networking Opportunities

Connect and discover business opportunities through purposeful networking with potential clients, partners, industry leaders, and talent at our exclusive events.

Social Impact

Your partnership with Black Professionals Europe fosters social impact and meaningful change. This showcases your organisation's commitment to the community, and making a positive difference.

Collaborative Projects & Initiatives

Collaborate on projects and initiatives that address relevant challenges and drive positive change. Together, we can create a more equitable future and foster a diverse and prosperous community.

Become a BPE partner






      *Are you a first-generation immigrant?

      *Which Best Describes Your Current Status?

      *If You Were Not Born In Europe, Which Country Did You Migrate From?

      *Do You Reside In Mainland Europe?

      *What Country Do You Mainly Reside In Within Europe?

      *Select Your Current/Preferred Industry?

      *What is your area of expertise?

      *What is your nearest city?

      *How would you best describe your ethnicity?

      *Which is your gender?

      *How Would You Best Describe Your Sexuality?

      *What year were you born?